Welcome to HIS Crystal Memory Company

Welcome to HIS Crystal Memory Company

Welcome to HIS Crystal Memory CompanyWelcome to HIS Crystal Memory CompanyWelcome to HIS Crystal Memory Company

More than a Name and Date

Our loved ones are more than names and dates on pieces of stone. They are our family – our mom and dad, our brothers and sisters, our loving husband or wife with whom we spent many precious years. They may also be our children who through untimely death have gone on before us. These people had faces. They had families of whom they were so proud. They worked and succeeded at their profession or hobbies. They had homes and favorite things they liked to do.    

This is why I developed the Crystal Memory Trove (as in Treasure Trove, something of great value) (Patent Pending). It is a memory shadow box that can be affixed to any granite or marble headstone. This allows time to be captured, a life to be archived. It allows a story to be told for anyone who comes and visits our loved ones and seeks to remember who they were. For those who didn’t have the honor to know them, this gives each an opportunity to find out more about these precious people.    

The beauty of this type of memorial addition is that it allows a family to honor a family member in a way that meets cemetery guidelines adding to the pristine, clean setting that every park desires. The Trove also allows you to place things on the grave of your loved one knowing that they will be there when you return because they are secure and well-displayed.    

The Trove is made of a sturdy material which makes break-in very difficult. It comes with a lock to allow access for when you need it and to help secure the items which you place within it. The material is thick enough for protection and yet so transparent that the contents are clearly seen. Each unit is built to protect the articles inside from weather damage. Though in today’s society, nothing is fool-proof. This type of memorial gives you and your family greater protections and assurance.    Psalm 1:1-3  

The Trove you see below


The Trove which you see below belongs to Mrs. Callie Baker, my great-grandmother. Grandma Baker was a great Christian woman. She raised eight kids and took them to Church every Sunday. She read the Bible in this display daily. She loved to dress nice and she enjoyed knitting, thus you see articles she made. The flowers are in the Crystal Memory Trove as she loved to garden. With the Trove, we also have the ability to commemorate special occasions like her and Grandpa Baker’s anniversary, Grandma’s birthday, and holidays that meant so much to her like Christmas and Easter.    

Cremation Trove


You followed your loved one's wishes


There was the care of cremation given, the solemn precious moment of the memorial service, and the loving celebration of an amazing life with your loved ones. 

Now what? You go home with the urn of your loved one’s remains, but somehow, you want to have a lasting, tasteful way to display in your home the life of the one who touched you so much. 

Let us give you a much-sought-after answer. The Crystal Memory Trove used for outside monuments can also be incorporated for the ashes of your loved one. The Trove can hold a rightly sized urn, surrounded by pictures and mementos that tell the marvelous story of your mom, dad, husband, wife, or child. 

No longer will you have the heartache of what to do with the urn. You now can have a museum-like display piece to showcase your love and the life of the one you love. 

Memorial that tells a Story

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Your Crystal Memory Trove


The Durability of Acrylic

Acrylic is a synthetic fiber which can be converted to almost anything.  It is resistant against the outside environment. Acrylic is much more flexible than glass, and it's so much less likely to break. 

If you are in search of something meant for use outdoors, you'll like the benefits of  an acrylic case.  They are very resistant to climate and hold up well with respect to rain, hot temperatures, along with other conditions that can threaten its integrity. The fact that airplane windows are normally made up of acrylic should give you great confidence.

Clear acrylic will transmit light very well. It will give you perhaps the most transparent view, and it's much better than glass, which frequently causes unpleasant reflections, in addition to the dirt buildup over time. Due to its generally clean nature, you'll generally discover that dirt spots and various buildup seldom occur.

An acrylic case will perform well in the cold, mainly because the impact resistance of standard formulations is maintained through these conditions. Some forms of acrylic are even practically bulletproof.

An acrylic case is extremely scratch resistant.  It's good, however, to ensure proper maintenance and cleaning. 


Acrylic display cases are more popular than glass cases because they are lighter and sturdier. An acrylic case is much more flexible than glass, so there's definitely less of a chance that an acrylic display case will break. 


Specialized UV treatment makes sure that acrylic cases don't turn yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Beveled and flame treated acrylic cases have a very smooth, clear, glassy look. Minor scratches on the surface of acrylic display cases can be polished away easily. The corners and seams of acrylic display cases may be sealed to make them airtight.


Cleaning Your Trove

Brillianize Plastic Cleaner is the best option for your trove to clean and polish.  You can also clean with a little Dawn dishwashing soap and water.  Use a clean soft cloth or sponge. Rinse well and blot dry with a damp cloth or chamois.  Never use Windex or Fantastic or Comet or any form of window cleaner.  

Never use abrasive cleaners, household cleaners, window-cleaning fluids, scouring compounds, gritty cloths, or strong solvents such as alcohol, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, etc.   

Patent D879403

Setting the Trove to the Monument

The best bonding compound for your trove is 3M 5200 White Marine Adhesive.

It's Virtually Bulletproof!!! Watch and see

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