Cremation Trove



You followed your loved one’s wishes. There was the care of cremation given, the solemn precious moment of the memorial service, and the loving celebration of an amazing life with your loved ones. 

Now what? You go home with the urn of your loved one’s remains, but somehow, you want to have a lasting, tasteful way to display in your home the life of the one who touched you so much. 

Let us give you a much-sought-after answer. The Crystal Memory Trove used for outside monuments can also be incorporated for the ashes of your loved one. The Trove can hold a rightly sized urn, surrounded by pictures and mementos that tell the marvelous story of your mom, dad, husband, wife, or child. 

No longer will you have the heartache of what to do with the urn. You now can have a museum-like display piece to showcase your love and the life of the one you love.